Heldenplatz, Hofburg: Heldenplatz, Hofburg

CI & Hofburg Vienna logos

Corporate Design is important to us. Therefore, we ask that you use the following guidelines:

Hofburg Vienna logo

Hofburg Vienna logo positive (TIFF, 135 KB)
Hofburg Vienna logo negative (TIFF, 137 KB)
Hofburg Vienna logo - without the Burg, positive (TIFF, 462 KB)
Hofburg Vienna logo - without the Burg, negative (TIFF, 462 KB)

The Hofburg logo is intended for use in the size provided (100 %) and no smaller. For smaller replications (width under 3 cm) please use Hofburg Logo without the Burg. It is forbidden to use the logo as soon as the width is under 2 cm.

Hofburg Colour Scheme

Pantone / 4C:
Yellow-Orange: P 130C / 30M 100Y
Grey: 80K
Burgundy red: P 188C / 60C 90M 70Y