Heldenplatz: Heldenplatz, Hofburg

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate citizenship and the environment

Social and environmental responsibility a defining characteristic of the Hofburg Vienna.

At the Hofburg Vienna the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) covers every aspect of the conference destination’s activities that go beyond its standard operating practices and involve business development, environmental and social aspects. CSR projects should always aim to initiate and promote elements of sustainability.

Business development
As a private commercial enterprise the Hofburg Vienna is committed to improving resource efficiency while minimising costs in the interests of its customers, business partners, owners, employees and other stakeholders.

Stakeholder benefits:
  • Every year the Hofburg Vienna induces around EUR 200 million in GDP, making a valuable contribution to the Austrian and European economy.
  • The yearly event mix secures numerous jobs within the tourism industry.

Employee benefits:
  • A strong focus on staff development and training
  • Commitment to maintaining and extending an employee-friendly working environment.

The Hofburg Vienna’s take on reducing its environmental footprint can be summed up as follows: “Avoid. Recycle. Dispose of as last resort.” In addition to measures aimed at reducing the conference centre’s ecological impact, CSR activities include developing future-proof meeting and event concepts. The Hofburg team provides event organisers with all the necessary assistance to secure green meeting certification.

Use of resources
  • Low energy consumption thanks to 95 percent natural light in the event spaces.
  • Energy-saving temperature regulation thanks to the fabric of this historic venue (thick walls etc.)
  • Low induced pollution from transportation thanks to its location in the heart of the capital’s historic city centre – 10,500 hotel beds within easy walking distance.

Current measures
  • Exclusive use of environmentally-friendly hydroelectric power
  • Energy efficient lighting (LED technology)
  • Introduction of water-saving measures (100% biodegradable toilet tissue in all rest rooms)
  • Use of energy-saving printers and PCs in office facilities
  • Carbon-neutral printing in office facilities
  • Energy-efficient server cooling system
  • Energy savings through the use of phase capacitors  
  • Individually programmable room heating and ventilation systems
  • Fully optimised HVAC system with CO2 control in event spaces
  • Traditional porcelain crockery instead of disposal alternatives; focus on seasonal and locally-sourced produce by catering partners.
  • Waste separation
  • Biodegradable materials for room cleaning and during events
  • Helping customers to stage environmentally-friendly events
  • Implementation of a waste management concept

Social responsibility underscores every aspect of the Hofburg Vienna’s daily operations – we believe that for a society to function properly, everyone has to play their part. The event centre’s social activities primarily focus on charitable and scientific projects.

  • Senior management give keynote talks at the Hofburg Vienna
  • The Hofburg Vienna supports post grads and external study and mentoring programmes
  • The conference centre runs an internship programme
  • The Hofburg Vienna supports trainees of the convention industry and offers education events for students at schools and universities. They are invited to attend a venue tour and receive practical know-how from our staff

  • The Hofburg Vienna supports two charity events in providing several rooms without charge.
  • At Christmas time the company sponsors a non-profit organisation.


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