: Habegger


Our services are used in hundreds of events every year and allow the use of a variety of technologies (live streams, live voting, online apps, ...). The infrastructure has the greatest possible reliability and can be adapted to the needs of our customers. We rely on standardized hardware from the world market leader „Cisco“ for our network devices.
Our house-wide WLAN supports the simultaneous use of up to 10,000 devices. Depending on requirements, separate networks can be configured. For example, the cash register network is physically separated from other networks for higher security. Each network can also be configured with globally valid IP addresses.

IT Overview

We offer
  • Internet uplink with state-of-the-art bandwidth (symmetrical - 10,000 Mbps)
  • Additional uplink with high availability on request (three different providers)
  • Free Wi-Fi - details below (up to standard AC)
  • Load Balanced Wi-Fi-Infrastructure (up to standard - AC for use in hybrid meetings (e.g., lifevoting, online apps, ...)
  • Local fibre channel network (1000 Mbps)
  • Public networks with globally valid IP addresses
  • All solutions can be configured to your needs (firewall, network, routing, high-density, etc.)
  • In-house IT support: The qualified team of the IT department Hofburg Vienna is at your disposal

Free Wi-Fi
  • Fixed Wi-Fi - Name (SSID: HofburgSecured)
  • Selectable Wi-Fi password
  • Fixed bandwidth (50 Mbit / s)
  • Fixed bandwidth per user (12 Mbit / s)
  • No additional configurations possible in this free package
Paid Wi-Fi options and extensions: Rates upon request.

Available Packages
  • Simple Package (50Mbit / s, 1 basic connection, customizable WLAN)
  • Medium Package (100Mbit / s, 3 basic connections, customizable WLAN)
  • Mediacenter Package (10Mbit / s, 8 basic connections, 1 VLAN, no WLAN)
  • Mediacenter Premium Package (200Mbit / s, 12 basic connections, 1 VLAN, no WLAN)
  • Congress Package (400Mbit / s, 12 basic connections, 3 VLANs)
  • Streaming Package (for special streaming requirements)
  • Press Package (100Mbit / s, 2 basic connections, no WLAN)
Paid Wi-Fi options & extensions. Rates upon request.