How to make a „Green Meeting“ or „Green Event“?

What is a green meeting or event?

A green meeting or event is an event that incorporates environmental considerations throughout all stages of the meeting in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
This is short manual for event planners to create a green meeting or event:

Destination/Venue selection and travel arrangements

  • Check if the city has a sustainability plan.
    Vienna has a strategic plan which also considers sustainable activities. Furthermore the city publishes an environmental report on a yearly basis.
  • Does the host city have a state of the art sewage treatment system? Vienna has one.
  • Choose venues and accommodation in walking distance.
    The HOFBURG Vienna has 8,500 hotel beds in walking distance.
  • Use environmentally friendly hotels.
    Those hotels are mainly certified with the Austrian eco-label “Umweltzeichen”.
  • Check public transport that connects the venue with other facilities such as hotels, airport, etc.
    Vienna’s public transportation system covers 80% of the mobility needs.
  • Provide tickets for public transport for delegates.
    The public transportation company “Wiener Linien”( is happy to assist.


  • Choose menus that include seasonal and local food and beverage.
    MOTTO and DO & CO have a sustainability plan.
  • Use reusable crockery and cutlery.
    All catering partners use china.
  • Provide reusable or recycled napkins.
    Our catering partners abandon paper napkins.
  • Offer water in recyclable water bottles.
    It is common to use glass bottles in the HOFBURG Vienna.
  • Do not use small packaged portions of sugar, milk and suchlike.
    Our catering partners are happy to offer alternative options.
  • Ask participants to register for meals to calculate exact quantity of food.
    Thus it will be avoided to produce too much waste.

Waste management

  • Monitor final numbers to limit waste.
    The HOFBURG Vienna established an art sewage treatment system.
  • Don’t use plastic bags and other non-recyclable materials.
    The HOFBURG Vienna uses paper bags in elegant design.  
  • Reduce packaging and opt for biodegradable materials.
    We are pleased to give you some suggestions.
  • Collect badges after use.
    We are happy to provide a box where to collect badges.

Water and power

  • Choose a venue which uses “green” power and water saving technology. The HOFBURG Vienna uses 100% water power.
  • Schedule meetings during the day and use rooms with natural daylight.
    All meeting rooms in the HOFBURG Vienna have natural daylight., except for the Grosser Redoutensaal,
  • Usage of energy saving lamps.
    The HOFBURG Vienna is using LED lights in many rooms and the rest will be exchange in succession.

Printing and other usage of biodegradable material

  • Offer online registration.
    We are happy to recommend a provider and offer WIFI in all our rooms.
  • Limit handouts in meetings.
    Kindly offer information on flash drives or online.
  • Take care that handouts are printed on recycled paper.
    We recommend to use for example Mondi NAUTILUS® Papier.
  • Use vegetable based ink for printing and ensure printers are set to double-sided printing.
    The HOFBURG Vienna relies on the eco-label “Energy Star”
  • Displays and decoration for the event should be made out of reusable material.
    The ambience of the state rooms offers a perfect setting for your event.
  • Encourage electronic signage.
    We are happy to offer you screen for the electronic signage.

Other initiatives

  • Advise exhibitors about how to act “green” at your event.
    You are very welcome to forward our guidelines to all participants.
  • Calculate your “carbon footprint” and check where you are able to reduce your gas emissions in the future.
    We are happy to recommend a provider.
  • Offset event-related emissions with a carbon neutral program.
    We are happy to recommend a provider.
  • Engage event participants in your “green” efforts (onsite sustainability booth, offer of offsetting their own emissions with a fee, etc.).
    For further information please refer to our homepage