: Heldenplatz Entry


As a private business enterprise, the efficient use of resources is essential due to cost considerations, but also for reasons of social responsibility: to our customers, business partners, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

For our stakeholders:

  • with an annual indirect earnings of roughly 190 million euro, we deliver a significant contribution to the development and evolution both of Austrian and the world economy.
  • due to the yearly event mix, Hofburg Vienna is a solid business partner and employer.

Our employees:

  • are encouraged to achieve their full potential through their individual efforts and an excellent work atmosphere.
  • benefit from our individual training sessions and continuing educational programmes.
  • are motivated thanks to an employee-friendly work environment that fosters and cultivates their skills, abilities and overall development (e.g., by providing services like an onsite company physician, flex-time working hours, performance-based reward system in the salary and wage structure).