Heldenplatz: Heldenplatz, Hofburg

Time to Celebrate – 50th anniversary

Over the decades, the HOFBURG Vienna’s greatest asset has always been its ability to effortlessly unite the traditional with the contemporary. Its standing as a premium brand with innovation at its heart can be seen in the way state-of-the-art technical equipment is integrated into the historic fabric of the building, as well as the progressive event formats it has helped to co-initiate.

Its New Year’s Eve highlight also looks back on a proud tradition in its 50th anniversary year. “Time to Celebrate” promises to be a journey of discovery into a world of joy and celebration. The HOFBURG Silvesterball brings out the best in the former imperial residence, with more than 500 people directly involved in preparing this evening of surprises. A spellbinding performance featuring top artists and a multimedia show get the night off to an impressive start. The audience will also be treated to a specially commissioned composition by internationally celebrated composer Pavel Singer, entitled Happy Birthday HOFBURG Silvesterball. The artist draws on various parts of the musical spectrum from Baroque to rap.

At the Strictly Waltz Room in the Geheime Ratstube – a new addition this year – a waltz ensemble and master of ceremonies will ensure a great atmosphere all night long. As the name suggests, everything revolves around waltzing here: switching between waltzes to the left and to the right, dancing at speed or gliding across the dancefloor in more sedate three-four time. And it is not just younger ballgoers who will take to the floor of the Silver Sparkling Disco where a top DJ will ensure that the night lives on long in the memory.

Highlights such as the stage show in the Festsaal and Zeremoniensaal at midnight are broadcast to numerous screens throughout the venue. A retro medley themed Congratulations and Celebrations will be performed, with number one hits from 1969 and 1970 – the first two years of the HOFBURG Silvesterball – embedded in the overture from the comic Fledermaus. Celebrate with us. Book your tickets now!