Heldenplatz: Heldenplatz, Hofburg

HOFBURG ball season – off to a flying start

During the carnival season (known locally as Fasching), more than 60,000 ball guests from Austria and elsewhere will take to the dancefloor, working wonders for the city’s tourism industry. The ball season is not just a highlight of the Viennese cultural calendar, but also a major driver for the economy of the city and Austria as a whole. Life is not just good for visitors – countless companies in Vienna also profit from the ball season. On average, guests spend EUR 290 on a night at the ball.

The HOFBURG Silvesterball got the Hofburg ball season officially underway on 31 December 2019 with 2,500 visitors from 50 countries. This imperial venue is famous the world over for the diverse range of events it hosts. Highlights include the sweet Confectioners’ Ball, the rocking WU, TU and BOKU student balls, and events with a distinctly Austrian flavour like the Hunters’ Ball and the Steirerball where guests dress in traditional Alpine fashion. And then come the classics like the Physicians’ Ball, the Lawyers’ Ball and the Pharmacists’ Ball. Each and every one has a charm all of its own that guarantees a captivating and memorable night’s entertainment. The former imperial residence is the most popular ball venue in the nation’s capital. In line with the latest trends, organisers are making increasing use of light projection and video walls to put their own individual stamp on the state rooms.

MOTTO Catering serves up a treat for its guests, with delectable food and drinks available deep into the early hours. Over the course of the season, the company supplies 20,000 bottles (wine, Sekt, champagne), up to five tonnes of crushed ice and more than 3,000 portions of its ice cream specialities. And then there are the ever-popular Sacher-Würstel sausages, sandwiches ¬and not to forget the Faschingskrapfen doughnuts, which are another firm favourite.