Heldenplatz: Heldenplatz, Hofburg

2020 – a year of anniversaries

The 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven and the 240th anniversary of the end of Maria Theresa’s rule.

Both of these famous figures are closely entwined with the history of the Hofburg, and to this day a number of the state rooms of the former imperial palace help to keep their unique cultural legacies alive.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a radical force of nature, both as an artist and a man. He was a visionary that questioned everything that had gone before him – changing the face of music and Vienna forever. His Eighth Symphony was first performed in the Hofburg Redoutensaele. Beethoven was in his creative element in Vienna, and the city’s creative spirit lives on to this day: today, like 250 years ago, Vienna still sets the tone as the capital of music. Musical ‘sparks of divinity’ continue to fly, spreading the joy of virtuoso music all around. Something that can also be experienced at the numerous concerts hosted in the HOFBURG Vienna state rooms.

The fact that Vienna’s musical heritage is now a thriving cultural asset worldwide comes thanks in no small part to the influence of Maria Theresa, whose reign came to an end 240 years ago. She commissioned the construction of the Grosser Redoutensaal and the Kleiner Redoutensaal, which would soon become a focal point for high culture where a number of unique works celebrated their debut. Used to host the plenary sessions of the Austrian parliament at present, these historic spaces will reopen in 2023 as a venue for international congresses and meetings once remodelling work is completed. We have already fielded a number of enquiries from prospective organisers, as international meeting planners gear up for events years in advance.