Covid-19: re-start for events at the Hofburg Vienna

We have more than enough space for you to comply with distancing measures!

With events back at the Hofburg Vienna at last, we are quickly adapting to the completely new circumstances. New rules have been introduced in Austria. Since the end of May, events have been allowed – provided they comply with strict regulations.

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The overarching focus is on participant numbers and safety plans, and the Hofburg Vienna has added numerous measures of its own for additional security:

  • Implementation of all the necessary precautions at our state rooms in full accordance with the binding regulations and recommendations issued by the government on hosting Covid-19-compliant events.
  • Close cooperation with the relevant City of Vienna municipal departments to secure clearance for events hosted at the Hofburg Vienna.
  • Preparation of Covid-19 prevention plans for the hosting events as well as a catalogue outlining criteria for Covid-19 compliant events.
  • Appointment of a designated Covid-19 officer for your event.
  • Configuration of custom layouts that take Covid-19 restrictions into account for your event. And to ensure that your message reaches as many participants as possible despite restrictions on numbers, a combination of on-site attendance and additional digital participation is the ideal solution. Let’s go digital!

The Hofburg Vienna technical team is here to provide support with virtual concepts and technical implementation in the state rooms. Live streams, interactive tools and state-of-the-art technology are key components for a complete and polished staging of your event when it comes to virtual target audiences.

Expand the horizons of your local event with a live digital experience. Ask us about our hybrid packages.