Dear friends of Hofburg Vienna,

The past two years have shown just how flexibility shapes change – and has facilitated the emergence of a host of new meeting formats. Many of the events that we had lined up were moved online instead due to the situation last year.

And while it proved impossible for the Hofburg ball season to play out once again in 2022, we were able to use our digital event capabilities to host a number of large-scale international events during the year which were broadcast live to participants all over the world from the Hofburg Vienna. Comprehensive safety measures including a prevention plan were put in place, and hybrid events with digital interaction options were successfully established as a viable alternative. With pioneering communication channels now firmly part of the wider mindset, organisers are clearly seeing that bespoke solutions are one of our core strengths.

Looking ahead to the spring with optimism – pandemic permitting – we can’t wait for the interesting specialist congresses and fairs scheduled for 2022. Despite everything, interest in staging high-calibre events continues to ride high, and we cannot wait to get started bringing them to life as interactive, multisensory experiences.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and partners for standing by us and are looking forward to getting spring 2022 off to a great start with you!

Yours sincerely,
The Hofburg Vienna team

Alexandra Kaszay
Managing Director

© Hofburg Vienna, Foto N. Studeny


Meet with confidence

Events in 2022

Tourism has undergone a fundamental shift; people are seeking additional reassurance that they will stay safe. A major factor behind decision making will be whether people feel well looked after and whether a venue’s offering is readily available – and at short notice.


United by Know-How

Tradition and progress

The Hofburg Vienna is a meeting place with unique values and strengths that come from its location, ambience and amenities. All of these aspects come together to create an unmistakable, one-of-a-kind identity.


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© HOFBURG Vienna, Foto A. Schmiedl


Next-level communication

Blueprint for success

Using a combination of focused creativity and strategic thinking, we work closely with organisers to come up with the kind of experiences that stand out from other people’s events on an emotional level, too. Delivering a clear competitive advantage for our customers in the process.